Partner with Isabella + Penelope

Want to collaborate? We'd love to join forces with you to bring your brand or product to the world! Isabella + Penelope works with businesses of any size and offers several types of partnership opportunities. These include Isabella and Penelope acting as brand models and ambassadors, and online and social media advertising. 

Promotional Trips + Experiences

Looking to promote your city, restaurant, hotel, business, event, or something else as dog-friendly? Isabella + Penelope partners with PR and tourism departments and individual businesses to promote cities and local businesses as pet-friendly. 

Not only will we share photos and videos of experiences across our social media platforms, but we'll also write a review and/or guide on our experience to share with our readers. We're working on our media kit now, but contact us if interested.

Brand Models + Ambassadors

Interested in having our sweet girls model and promote your brand or product(s)? We'd love to speak to you. 

As brand models, we ask you to provide a product for Isabella and Penelope to be captured with and a coupon code for us to share with our followers and subscribers. With this level of partnership, we will share at least one photo or video using your product(s) on our Instagram and Facebook pages weekly. We will also write a product review blog article on your brand and/or product to be published under Brands We Love. Your brand will also be included in our weekly emails sent out to all Isabella + Penelope subscribers. In return, we ask you reshare our content at least twice a month.

With an ambassadorship, we ask you to provide a 40 percent off or more discount code for us to purchase a product(s) in order for us to promote your product, and a coupon code for us to share with our followers. We will share at least two photos or videos using your product(s) on the Isabella + Penelope Instagram and Facebook pages monthly. In return, we ask you to share our content at least once a month.

Online and Social Advertising Opportunities

Notice the brands we have listed on our homepage? Or the articles are written on Brands We Love? That could be you! Contact us for information on these advertising opportunities.

Interested in learning how we can promote your brand and/or product(s) on social media? Bark at us!

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